The NYC Arts Cypher is an official 501c3 nonprofit organization that is committed to promoting positive values through arts and entertainment programs, projects, and events. Our organization is focused on the youth in our communities; in particular at-risk youth who have difficulty working in an educational setting. We have tirelessly worked for more than a decade to utilize our space and resources as a tool for change. Our dynamic programs are diverse and designed to use the arts as a catalyst to mentor and support youth in their future career goals.

Projects that we are involved in are high profile and allow the public to see the artistic talent of our members and other collaborators involved.

Our events, network artists, business owners, community figures and positive people. We have a two level location that allows us the opportunity to continuously maintain our formula to network/perform/excel.
Our main logo, “The Crazy Head”, represents all that we’re about, what we have done and what we wish to pass onto the youth of today and tomorrow in all the areas of arts and entertainment. The idea of being that we have all these “crazy” ideas and concepts in our “head” to inspire and teach to the youth, to participate in something new or to pursue a career goal. Whatever your experience, the Crazy Head may mean many different things to you.
If you wish to learn more, click on this video from our founder, Charlie Balducci.