As one of the main elements of hip-hop culture, graffiti/Street Art has it’s beginnings in NYC, so it’s no mystery our organization is a part of that world. In 2006, we were the first organization to address the question of this artistic style being art or vandalism. We had significant support from figures in political, government and community. Most importantly, we had the support of the street and maintain that relationship to this day. The answer happens to involve permission and NYC Arts Cypher is a place for youth and emerging artists to have an outlet and a safe place to practice their art, in a safe a responsible manner.

We engage our local artists, as well as the international art scene. We curate public walls and gates, our organization occupies a two level space that is covered in all disciplines of visual arts from brush technique, mixed media, sculptures, street art and graffiti. We host events that network artists, we participate in special projects with our community and are available for commission inquiries. We believe that art silently unites us and sparks all levels of thought.