The NYC Arts Cypher has documented it’s history from it’s inception in 2004 to the current day. From the content we create to our media coverage, the NYC Arts Cypher is known as an award winning organization. The Breakout program allows for up-and-coming shooters, editors and writers to become a part of our movement. Even though the Cypher has been the feature for many media outlets, we still have an underground feel. As a work in progress, our documentary will tell the story of our organization as the trailblazer for many pop-culture areas of arts and entertainment. We also will show that when given the opportunity, our youth can do amazing things, so this project will become a huge collaboration of professionals and individuals who just bought a camera.

We can be hired to design your social media or marketing campaigns, the place that you shoot your music video or the place you rendered your first video. Contact Us.

Our founder Charlie B. is a producer with performances and awards attached to his name, but is well grounded, he will always welcome the next Martin Scorsese to walk in the Cypher and collab.

ATTENTION: We are always looking for social media based shooters, editors, and creative types to help us enhance our online presence and be apart of our circle.