“The golden way is to be friends with the world and to regard the whole human family as one.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Since the founding of NYC Arts Cypher, our goal has been to promote positivity through arts and entertainment.

We love interacting and helping our community, whether it's providing them with social support or a safe place to showcase their artistic talents. Our programs are designed in response to ongoing social issues that have a significant impact, we use creativity to combat these issues with artistic programs that have pioneered the non-profit sector and are unique.

Our events, network artists, business owners, community figures and positive people. We have a two level location that allows us the opportunity to continuously maintain our formula to network/perform/excel.

Some of our previous collaborations include the D.O.E, small businesses, arts and cultural non-profit organizations. Through these partnerships, we are able to reach more youths and individuals in our communities.