To inspire, educate and give everyone an opportunity to express themselves freely in an artistic environment.

The NYC Arts Cypher is an official 501c3 Non profit organization that promotes positive values through arts, educational programs, projects and events.

Our biggest focus is the youths in our communities; particularly, at-risk youths who have difficulty working in an educational setting. We’ve actively worked for nearly two decades towards utilizing our space and resources as a tool for change.

Our dynamic programs are designed to use the arts as a catalyst to mentor and support youth and their future career goals.

The programs are curriculum based and offered in schools throughout Staten Island. We partner with Emcees, DJs, Graffiti Artists, Singers, Painters, Break Dancers, Videographers, Photographers and many more.

Our main logo, “The Crazy Head”, represents all that we’re about, what we have done and what we wish to pass onto the youth of today and tomorrow in all the areas of arts and entertainment. The idea being that we have all these “crazy” ideas and concepts in our “head” to inspire and teach to the youth, to participate in something new or to pursue a career goal. Whatever your experience, the “Crazy Head” may mean many different things to you.

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