Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY Dylan Giangrande is a teacher, tattoo artist and urban artist. He specializes in graffiti, murals, tattoos and illustrative/comic book designs. He majored in Fine Arts throughout college and worked for AmeriCorps where he mentored young adults to work on their personal portfolios.

Dylan started his career as a licensed tattoo artist, art teacher, and then went on to become the Head Artist at NYC Arts Cypher. Here, he was able to exercise his passion for teaching, paint large-scale murals, as well as produce digital designs for clients. Additionally, he loves contributing to his community through: training youths and invoking their passion for the arts, educating them on hip-hop culture and deciphering the difference between street art and vandalism.

Dylan continues to work with local colleges, schools and other organizations in hopes to instill his passion and be an inspiration to others; he finds success in watching his students grow in their respective fields.