After discovering he had a talent and passion for songwriting, poetry, hip hop and Emceeing, Omari dubbed himself by his Instagram username @Shaolin_prince. This was the beginning of his lifelong journey in music. He graduated from the SAE Institute of Technology, one of the world’s leading educators in the creative media and entertainment industries. After receiving his degree in audio production and engineering, he joined NYC Arts Cypher as Head Audio Engineer.

Hoping to present arts as a safe space to the youth, Omari creates art as a form of expression and develops professional level music at affordable costs to the community. Omari hosts public projects, as well as having the privilege of hosting a successful audio production workshop (12-week audio introductory/production course), to which he hopes we can continue to offer and invest in our local upcoming community of youthful talent.

“Although I have now become a teacher, I am forever a student eager to learn more!”